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TOEIC preparation course : Preparation au TOEIC : TOEIC Vorbereitungskurs - by OnlineEnglish.EU



There are THREE ways you can score higher in the TOEIC test...

1.    Improve your PERFORMANCE, which means ...

o    get accustomed to the different question types.
o    learn different techniques to make answering the question types easier.
o    understand all about the time you have in the test and how best to use it.
o    learn tips, which other students have used successfully in the TOEIC test.
o    Practice doing a simulation of the TOEIC test; to get accustomed to the presures, format and to practice.
o    practice the core skills you need to enhance your performance.
o    awaken your senses to English for easier understanding of the audio.
o    seek out your weaknesses and improve them.

2.    Improve your FLUENCY, which means ...

o    your ability to understand spoken English, when spoken at a natural speed.
o    your ability to feel the correct word missing from a sentence, rather than calculate it.
o    your natural ability for English to flow into and out of your body while doing something else (multitasking).

3. Improve your ENGLISH, which means ...

o    your understanding of grammar and sentence structure.
o    your knowledge of vocabulary, verbs, nouns, adverbs ... etc.
o    your knowledge of phrasal verbs. business phrases, idiomatic phrases and idioms.
o    your knowledge of English overall...


You can prepare correctly for the TOEIC test with OnlineEnglish.EU. Self Study (guide your own training), or use the Training Coach; Just like a teacher in class!


Not ready to start? A visit costs nothing and you can read what our students say about the course!

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OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test preparation for all students, for all TOEIC tests.

Those of you starting out to do the TOEIC test (Test Of English for International Communication)  will now be wondering (and worrying) about doing the test; 

Do I need to prepare? What is a preparation course? Where can I find some tricks to pass? Who can I believe? What should I expect? What should I do?oh the stress!

You will be finding tips and advice everywhere, from friends, family, others that have done the TOEIC test. You might hear comments in your university, online, in Facebook or by searching Google.

I am sure that by now you are completely confused!


I am going to give you the facts! But first, who am I? Can you believe me? You decide!


My name is Rob. I am an authorized TOEIC test administrator and operate as a TOEIC test center. I am also a qualified English teacher for employees in companies. I have worked as an authorized administrator under ETS of America since 2002 (over 14 years), I have helped thousands of students get the score they need in the TOEIC test. I am the writer of the TOEIC test preparation courses by OnlineEnglish.EU


There are four things you need to score high in the TOEIC test.

1. Knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.
2. To be "in practice" using English, so that at the time of the test, your fluency and speed are good.
3. To be prepared, because when prepared you can perform better. (even more so for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test)
4. Confidence and Relaxation.


Many students seem to form the opinion that there are "tricks" they can learn to pass the TOEIC test, many students look at the TOEIC test as a computer game they can beat. These are the students normally do not get the score they need.

The real fact is that the TOEIC test measures your ability using English. You can score higher in the TOEIC test by improving your performance on the day of the test. To improve your performance you can do a TOEIC preparation course.

But, if after doing a preparation course your level is still not high enough, then forget tricks, rather improve your English.


Many student fail to get the score they need in the TOEIC test simply because the do not allow enough time to prepare. It costs a lot of money to fail, because you have to pay again for the test. Give yourself at least 4 weeks to prepare. This will not only give you time to learn, but also time to assimilate and improve your speed and fluency, plus if needed, improve your listening ability.

TIP 6: OnlineEnglish.EU

OnlineEnglish.EU is an online TOEIC preparation course for all TOEIC tests and for all students. It includes everything you need to successfully prepare for the TOEIC test as well as, extra exercises for practice and English grammar and vocabulary exercises for you when preparation alone is not enough.

·         Exercises for every TOEIC question type.
·         See your strengths and weaknesses.
·         See what you need to learn.
·         See an estimate of your TOEIC score level.
·         See your improvement.
·         Test Simulators for the TOEIC listening and reading, also the TOEIC speaking and writing test with thousands of different question combinations.
·         Extra exercises for improvement of listening comprehension.
·         Extra exercises to improve specific skills needed to do well in the TOEIC test.
·         Sample answers, explanation, tips and advice to help you even more.
·         Exercise review to see where you made mistakes and answer pro0mpt during answering questions for extra help and guidance.
·         Core skill exercisers to help you practice and practice, repeat and repeat, so that you improve your speed and fluency.
·         Let’s Learn English, English grammar and vocabulary exercises.
·         The Training Coach is just like a teacher in class. It will analyse your levels, the exercises you do, how you perform in the simulations, then it will get all the exercises you should do and place them on one page for you. Moreover, the Training Coach will offer advice and comment on your training, it will advise you of things you should do, should read and even comment on how fast you are answering questions and your timing when doing simulations and exercises.


Visit today and start preparing. Read our student comments and recommendations.

OnlineEnglish is developed for students!

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TOEIC Test Preparation by OnlineEnglish in 2015

I am very pleased to say that 2014 was another successful year for our students and therefore for us.

Again we managed to help over 95% of our students to get the score they required in the TOEIC test, as well as enhance our understanding even further of student needs, their fears and the problems they encountered. Naturally, we have included all this into OnlineEnglish, helping it to offer the exact help and training all students need even more.

Where are you from? Our trainers are there for you and they love to hear from you. Enhance your training by talking by email with them and at the same time, get even more practice using English.

Are you going to do the TOEIC test in 2015? Let us help you. Visit and start preparing for the TOEIC test immediately. OnlineEnglish includes a preparation course for the TOEIC listening and reading test, the TOEIC speaking and writing test and the TOEIC 4 skills test. One membership means you can do all courses, there are no extra costs. Use all courses to improve your English and practice, no matter which test you wish to do.

Still Unsure? It costs nothing to look and you will see that we have reduced our 5 day membership rate, so you can try the course and then decide. Read our student comments and let them help you decide.

Preparation for the:

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test
TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test
TOEIC 4 Skills Test.

COMPLETE PREPARATION for the TOEIC Test = OnlineEnglish.EU

We wish all students a very happy and successful 2015.

OnlineEnglish Team.

Dienstag, 2. September 2014

TOEIC preparation, TOEIC Courses and Mentality.

TOEIC Preparation and your overall objective?

What is the overall objective? 
The objective is to learn and improve your ability to understand and use the English language. At university, at school or in your daily work, an improvement in your English ability will help you achieve your goals.

TOEIC test preparation for the Listening and Reading plus speaking and writing TOEIC testsWhat is TOEIC preparation? 
Everybody plans before they do something; planning is the way for improvement in performance. 

One can think of doing a TOEIC Preparation Course as being similar to "planning a holiday"; you choose where you want to go, you look for the best way to get there, you look where you can park your car, what you can do there, you may even use Google to take a look around the area. All this is preparation, getting accustomed so when you go on holiday, you can do more, see more and understand more about the area you visit. Being prepared improves performance and doing a TOEIC Preparation Course can help you prepare yourself for the TOEIC test for better performance.

Learning or improving English involves learning grammar, vocabulary and phrases. It involves practice, assimilation and repeated contact and use of English to improve fluency and quickness of thinking. All practice using English; whether listening, speaking, reading or writing will help you improve your ability in each other skill.

OnlineEnglish offers you all you need. 

Preparation for the TOEIC listening and reading test, for the TOEIC speaking and writing test and for the TOEIC 4 skills test. There are no extra costs, one membership means you can do all courses to prepare for the TOEIC test and satisfy your objective, no matter which TOEIC test you are planning to do.
preparation for the TOEIC test for all students. 

OnlineEnglish is for ALL STUDENTS!

You feel your English level is good enough to get the score you need and you wish to only quickly prepare for the TOEIC Test: OnlineEnglish is for you!

You are unsure whether your English level is good enough and you wish to prepare and have the opportunity to also improve your English grammar, vocabulary and knowledge: OnlineEnglish is for you!

You didn’t get the score you needed in the last TOEIC Test you did and want to know your strengths, weaknesses and what you must learn to score higher: OnlineEnglish is for you!

You have never done the TOEIC Test before and want to learn about the TOEIC test, maybe also know your levels, chances and estimated TOEIC score level: OnlineEnglish is for you!
For all students, who seriously want to improve their English and get the score they need in the TOEIC test: OnlineEnglish is for you!

Come and visit us at www.onlineenglish.EU and start preparing TODAY!


Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Listening and Reading; NOW ALSO Speaking and Writing!

OnlineEnglish : Listening and Reading, NOW ALSO Speaking and Writing!


For over 5 years, the unique training at OnlineEnglish has helped students worldwide to successfully improve their English language ability and get the score they need in the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test.

The preparation course was very helpful for me to improve and increase my TOEIC score. The extra English exercises were perfect to support my training. The simulation test helped me practice. I received 780 points in the TOEIC test and I am very happy. I sat the test on the 14th September 2012. Please also thank my trainer Rob for supporting me and helping me by email. Thank you very much.

Can I renew my course please? I think your course is very good and helped me get 705 points in my test sitting. I want to improve more and want to continue doing the course. I want to get more than 900 points. I did the TOEIC test on the 3th September 2012.

I am very happy and am going to celebrate tonight! I want to recommend your TOEIC preparation course to everyone because it is fantastic! My teacher was friendly and very helpful. In my test I got 860 points. I sat the test on the 30th August 2012.

Now OnlineEnglish also includes a Speaking and Writing Preparation Course for the TOEIC Test.

* Over 500 different question exercises for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test.

* Do the exercises in learning or test mode to improve and focus your training.

* Tips, advice, and learning material to help you succeed.

* Practice tests to simulate a TOEIC S&W test sitting with over 1000 different test possibilities.

* Automatic checking of your written emails, essays and sentences.

* Spell checking
* Basic mistake checking
* Required word checking
* Essay content relevance checking

* plus much more …

If you are planning on sitting the TOEIC test, now whether Listening & Reading OR Speaking and Writing, join our successful students and visit us at

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2012: OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test Preparation Course.

OnlineEnglish ( started in 2003 as a web based preparation platform for students sitting the TOEIC test. Over the years following, OnlineEnglish has been developed and enriched by the experience of an official TOEIC test center and authorized TOEIC test administrators, who together with very experienced native English teachers, support all students during their training.

The principle behind OnlineEnglish is to encompass those successful benefits and techniques that a student enjoys in the classroom, into a training platform to prepare students for the TOEIC test.

OnlineEnglish respects the fact that every student has different training needs, skill areas and levels, therefore OnlineEnglish automatically creates an individual training program focused upon each student's needs; the same way as in a teacher/student class situation.

In respect to the TOEIC test, OnlineEnglish has been at the forefront in explaining to students the difference between preparation for a test and learning English (a misunderstanding that causes the most student disappointment). Therefore students will find not only specific training material to prepare for the TOEIC test, but also English grammar and vocabulary support exercises together with practice modules, to allow the student to practice what they have learnt.

The OnlineEnglish TOEIC preparation course allows students to not only improve their TOEIC score through improved performance (preparation), but also through strengthening a student's English grammar and vocabulary knowledge (learning).

In respect to TOEIC preparation, students will find over 1500 specific exercises for every TOEIC question type together with a review feature should they get a question incorrect. Individual question training means that students can focus their training if needed, on those questions that cause them the most problem.

There are tips to allow the student to understand the different TOEIC question types and how best to answer them, with explanations about the methods that could confuse students, the need for careful timing, even explanations about implication and finding the best answer. Call them tricks if you wish, OnlineEnglish also includes several techniques that a student can practice, to reduce the stress placed upon them during the test.

OnlineEnglish includes short practice tests designed not only to get the student accustomed to the question types, but also used in continual assessment of the student's improvement and following this, the automatic adjustment of the student's individual training plan. The shorter practice tests also mean that lower level students benefit more from shorter immersion in the stress caused by the test procedure, therefore maintain motivation, and ability to progress towards the full 2 hour mock test more easily.

On the point of getting accustomed and following the term "practice makes perfect", OnlineEnglish includes possibly the first mock/practice test introduced onto the internet (in 2005). The practice test simulates a TOEIC test sitting; nowadays generating each test randomly from a large question database, meaning well over 1000 different tests. But the mock test by OnlineEnglish is not simply a mock test to get accustomed to a TOEIC test, it also includes some carefully protected techniques to reinforce the student's improvement and learning curve.

All students also get support and help by email from qualified and experienced language teachers. These teachers are also authorized TOEIC test administrators involved daily in administering TOEIC test sittings.

OnlineEnglish has two methods of training; self-study and guided-interactive-learning. The self-study method allows student free choice of what and how they learn.

The Training Coach (guided-interactive-learning method) is an extension of an experienced teacher. It automatically creates a training plan and chooses the exercises given to the student (from all training areas) based upon a complex assessment of the student's skills and needs.

As the student completes the exercises, the training coach offers advice, comments and recommendations as would a teacher in class. The Training Coach even comments on, which tips the student should learn, the speed a student is answering questions and the strategy they are using.

All the way through a student's training, they can see their levels, strengths, weaknesses and when they have completed enough training, they will also see an estimate of their TOEIC score level.

Towards the end of training, the Training Coach produces a useful training report, which advises the student of how well they have improved, the areas they need to further improve, and advice about the areas where they need to be careful.

Since 2003 to 2012 OnlineEnglish has been developed, updated and maintained for the benefit of students, and from the experiences of students. Today OnlineEnglish offers the most complete preparation course available for all students to prepare well for the TOEIC test and improve their English proficiency.

OnlineEnglish is written by the same people that hundreds of students sit in front of in class each year. "we are simply teachers and TOEIC test administrators daily teaching company employees the English language. What we build into OnlineEnglish comes directly from our experience with students in the classroom".

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Advice for students about to take the TOEIC test

Here is some advice for students about to take the TOEIC test. It is just some of the many important tips given at OnlineEnglish.EU TOEIC Test Preparation website;

It is interesting that most students do not reach the score level they need for two main reasons.....

The first reason is that their level of English knowledge and ability is simply not high enough for the score they need to achieve. Many of these students take part in TOEIC preparation courses, but they fail to realize that their English ability is not good enough; also that "preparation for a test" is not learning English.

Through preparation a student can increase the TOEIC score level they achieve by becoming accustomed to the TOEIC test, by planning a strategy for the test sitting, and by improving their accuracy and speed when answering questions. Indeed, preparation can allow a student to score 20% - 50% more in the TOEIC test, but this depends on each individual student.

The second reason is that students take far too long answering the first question types in the reading part of the test. Normally a student will be motivated and dedicated to answering the questions correctly; they will scrutinize the initial "incomplete sentence and text completion questions" before committing themselves to an answer; even though they may know the answer immediately. BUT what they do not realize is this....

In the reading part of the test a student must answer 100 questions in 75 minutes. This actually means that on average, a student has only 45 seconds per question!! The problem comes towards the end of the reading part; "single and double passage questions", because a student will find they may need a lot of time to read the associated texts.

So you may ask yourself how is it possible to not run out of time. The answer is simple; in the initial incomplete sentence and text completion questions, try to answer each question in under 45 seconds. You will then save “spare time” and when you come to the longer reading questions, you will have enough time to answer them all. Naturally this is where planning a good test strategy helps!

OnlineEnglish.EU is a preparation website for students sitting the TOEIC test that also includes English language and practice exercises. This means the website is suitable for simple preparation, or longer study from 350 - 990 points. OnlineEnglish.EU includes level, strength and weakness estimation and shows students whether they can achieve their goal by “simple preparation”, or whether they need to also improve their English.

OnlineEnglish will also help with timing to ensure the perfect strategy and offers students practice with specific exercises in true TOEIC test form, with a 2 hour simulation test that has over 1000 different test possibilities, and with specific exercises to develop the essential core skills. Naturally there is much, much more, but you can read that on the website.

I hope some students find this advice helpful.