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Practice test for the TOEIC test.

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Practice Test

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The new practice test for the TOEIC Test by OnlineEnglish helps students worldwide to practice as much as they want for their TOEIC test sitting. The practice test for the TOEIC test is NOT 1, or 2, or even 5 different tests, rather it creates 1000's of different practice tests for the student to complete.

OnlineEnglish offers students the "Right Way" to prepare for the TOEIC test and improve their English with a complete TOEIC test preparation course including ...

  • Estimate Test: Students can see an estimate of their TOEIC level and where to learn.
  • Practice Test: Students can get accustomed to the TOEIC test with thousands of 2 hour test simulations.
  • Preparation Exercises: Exercises for every part in the TOEIC test, with review, to show students their mistakes and help them learn fast.
  • English Language Exercises: To improve a student's English and get an even higher TOEIC score level.
  • Proficiency Exercises: to help students improve fluency and speed when listening and reading.
  • Tips and Advice: Clever tactics and important information on the best way to complete the test. Advice for answering questions, plan timing and what to expect on the day of the test.

TOEIC Trainer: Every student has their own personal trainer, (also an authorized TOEIC test administrator active daily in giving the TOEIC test), who will support students by email, to answer questions about the test, the test sitting and help the student learn.

Plus much more ....

Whether a student wishes to prepare quickly just before the TOEIC test with our 5 day course for around 12,00 Euro, or, wishes to stay longer and improve their English for an even higher score level. OnlineEnglish has everything the students needs.

Robert, the manager at OnlineEnglish, also a qualified English language trainer and authorized TOEIC administrator said:

With good preparation and practice tests, a student can get accustomed to the TOEIC test and plan a good test strategy. By knowing what to expect, a student can increase their TOEIC score.

But to learn and improve English proficiency for an even higher TOEIC score, a student must have the tools to learn and practice English. At OnlineEnglish we include EVERYTHING a student needs at an affordable price. Preparation for the TOEIC test and English language proficiency training!

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