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2012: OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test Preparation Course.

OnlineEnglish ( started in 2003 as a web based preparation platform for students sitting the TOEIC test. Over the years following, OnlineEnglish has been developed and enriched by the experience of an official TOEIC test center and authorized TOEIC test administrators, who together with very experienced native English teachers, support all students during their training.

The principle behind OnlineEnglish is to encompass those successful benefits and techniques that a student enjoys in the classroom, into a training platform to prepare students for the TOEIC test.

OnlineEnglish respects the fact that every student has different training needs, skill areas and levels, therefore OnlineEnglish automatically creates an individual training program focused upon each student's needs; the same way as in a teacher/student class situation.

In respect to the TOEIC test, OnlineEnglish has been at the forefront in explaining to students the difference between preparation for a test and learning English (a misunderstanding that causes the most student disappointment). Therefore students will find not only specific training material to prepare for the TOEIC test, but also English grammar and vocabulary support exercises together with practice modules, to allow the student to practice what they have learnt.

The OnlineEnglish TOEIC preparation course allows students to not only improve their TOEIC score through improved performance (preparation), but also through strengthening a student's English grammar and vocabulary knowledge (learning).

In respect to TOEIC preparation, students will find over 1500 specific exercises for every TOEIC question type together with a review feature should they get a question incorrect. Individual question training means that students can focus their training if needed, on those questions that cause them the most problem.

There are tips to allow the student to understand the different TOEIC question types and how best to answer them, with explanations about the methods that could confuse students, the need for careful timing, even explanations about implication and finding the best answer. Call them tricks if you wish, OnlineEnglish also includes several techniques that a student can practice, to reduce the stress placed upon them during the test.

OnlineEnglish includes short practice tests designed not only to get the student accustomed to the question types, but also used in continual assessment of the student's improvement and following this, the automatic adjustment of the student's individual training plan. The shorter practice tests also mean that lower level students benefit more from shorter immersion in the stress caused by the test procedure, therefore maintain motivation, and ability to progress towards the full 2 hour mock test more easily.

On the point of getting accustomed and following the term "practice makes perfect", OnlineEnglish includes possibly the first mock/practice test introduced onto the internet (in 2005). The practice test simulates a TOEIC test sitting; nowadays generating each test randomly from a large question database, meaning well over 1000 different tests. But the mock test by OnlineEnglish is not simply a mock test to get accustomed to a TOEIC test, it also includes some carefully protected techniques to reinforce the student's improvement and learning curve.

All students also get support and help by email from qualified and experienced language teachers. These teachers are also authorized TOEIC test administrators involved daily in administering TOEIC test sittings.

OnlineEnglish has two methods of training; self-study and guided-interactive-learning. The self-study method allows student free choice of what and how they learn.

The Training Coach (guided-interactive-learning method) is an extension of an experienced teacher. It automatically creates a training plan and chooses the exercises given to the student (from all training areas) based upon a complex assessment of the student's skills and needs.

As the student completes the exercises, the training coach offers advice, comments and recommendations as would a teacher in class. The Training Coach even comments on, which tips the student should learn, the speed a student is answering questions and the strategy they are using.

All the way through a student's training, they can see their levels, strengths, weaknesses and when they have completed enough training, they will also see an estimate of their TOEIC score level.

Towards the end of training, the Training Coach produces a useful training report, which advises the student of how well they have improved, the areas they need to further improve, and advice about the areas where they need to be careful.

Since 2003 to 2012 OnlineEnglish has been developed, updated and maintained for the benefit of students, and from the experiences of students. Today OnlineEnglish offers the most complete preparation course available for all students to prepare well for the TOEIC test and improve their English proficiency.

OnlineEnglish is written by the same people that hundreds of students sit in front of in class each year. "we are simply teachers and TOEIC test administrators daily teaching company employees the English language. What we build into OnlineEnglish comes directly from our experience with students in the classroom".

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TOEIC test is one of the largest language tests in the world. good information about Preparations for the TOEIC.